Date of Birth: June 13th, 1979
Place of Birth: Sf. Gheorghe, Romania
Nationality: Hungarian
Citizenship: Romanian
Marital Status: single

Permanent Address:
                Str. Crângului 18/13
                4000 Sf.Gheorghe, Romania
                Tel: 0040-67-314167

Temporary Address:
                Str. Diana No. 9A Ap. 10
                1900 Timisoara, Romania
                Tel/fax: 0040-94-214905


   1989 –1993 “Váradi József”, Secondary School, Sf. Gheorghe
   1993 – 1997 “Székely Mikó Kollégium”, High School, Sf. Gheorghe
- Profile: computer science
   1997 - 2001 Management Department, Faculty of Economic Science, West University of Timisoara
   2001 - Master Studies, Firm's analysis, diagnostic and evaluation, Faculty of Economic Science, West University of Timisoara

Practical Stage
   August 1999 “BoérLine” Ltd., Sf. Gheorghe – firm’s economy
   August 2000 “DunaPack Rambox” Ltd., Sf. Gheorghe – general management
   2000-2001 “DunaPack Rambox” Ltd., Sf. Gheorghe – operative controlling

   August 1999 Project Management and Communication Skills, organized by The Foundation for the Development of Civil Society
   January 2000 Leadership-training, organized by the Hungarian Students’ Organization of Timisoara with the participation of a trainer from IBM – Hungary

   Sept 2001 - Postgraduate studies, Hungarian Language Institute, Hungary
   March 2001 Courses at the University of Economic Science of Budapest, Hungary
   2001 Scholarship awarded by the „Apáczai Alapítvány” Foundation from Hungary
   1997-2001 Scholarships at the West University of Timisoara

Professional Experience / Student Union Activity
   December 1998 VIII. HSOT Festival (Hungarian Students’ Organization of Timisoara) – organizer
   March - Nov 1999 Member of the HSOT’s Student Council
- The leader of the European Integration Department
   May 1999 IX. HSOT Cup – project leader
   Nov 1999 - Jan 2001 Member of The HSOT’s Operative Council
- The financial responsible of the NGO
   March 2000 X. HSOT Anniversary - project leader
   November 2000 X. HSOT Festival - financial responsible
   March 2001 Member of the HSOT Ethical Commission
   1999-2001 the HSOT’s book-keeper
   1999-2000 active member of the Hungarian Economics Club of Timisoara

Student’s conferences
   December 2000 3rd International Hungarian Student Conference
- 3rd place at Economics Department
   May 2000 Student Conference organized by the Faculty of Economic Science
- 2nd place the Management Department

   Diploma Thesis: “Initiation in controlling”

   Hungarian: mother tongue
   Romanian: native speaker
   English: upper-intermediate (attested by the Open Doors Institute, Timisoara)

Computer Literacy
   Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
   Programmer's Assistant Certificate - attested by the Ministry for National Education
   FoxPro, Turbo Pascal, Visual Basic

   Driving license (B category)

Activities and Interests
   Literature, music, organizing different programs